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2023 See Taiwan ESG Summit on 7/14

Business Times / Reporter Huang Zhifang

2023 See Taiwan ESG Summit on 7/14

The "2023 See Taiwan ESG Summit - Circular Economy, Zero Waste, Diversified Applications and Business Opportunities", co-organized by Commercial Times, Taiwan Housing, and Yi Chun Green Technology, will be held at the conference hall on the second floor of the Want Want China Times Media Group headquarters on July 14 (Fri), 2023, from 13:30 to 17:30, and Yvonne Lai, the Director of the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA)'s Waste Management Division and the Director of the Office of Recycling, will be invited to give a speech. The event will be broadcasted live online and is free of charge. People who are interested in the development of the recycling economy are welcome to watch the program at / Reporter Huang Zhifang

In response to the problem of plastic pollution, the international community has taken action to promote net-zero emissions and sustainable development, with the European Union as the forerunner, putting forward the European Plastics Pact in 2020, with the goal of using an average of at least 30% of recycled plastics in products and packaging in 2025; the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France, and other countries are also following suit to set targets for the addition of recycled materials on a year-by-year basis, and our country is also following the international trend of environmental protection, and the Environmental Protection Agency promotes the increase of recycled plastics in the industry. The EPD promotes the industry to increase the use of recycled plastics, hoping that the proportion of recycled plastics used in plastic packaging will reach 25% in 2025, which will increase the amount of use by 75,000 metric tons and reduce carbon emissions by 150,000 metric tons, and the proportion of recycled plastics used in 2030 will further reach 30%.

Tree planting is an important environmental protection action, green building and energy efficiency, into the design and construction of the environment and health to do with the combination, such as the use of environmentally friendly materials, energy-saving equipment and technology, to improve air quality and reduce air pollutants have an important role. In view of this, we invite experts to come and discuss the following topics, focusing on the main axis of "the impacts and opportunities of ESG standardization on the development of our industry due to the reduction of global waste and the enhancement of the environmental objectives of the air product, in accordance with the trend of the current international environmental policy and regulations".

Session 1: Corporate Planting to Achieve Zero Emission Targets and Sustainable Environmental Balance Exemplary Achievements: How Corporations are Moving Towards International Standardization to Promote New Green Buildings for Health and Energy Efficiency to Achieve ESG+.

Issue 2: In response to the global goal of plastic reduction, the United Nations has formulated the Global Convention on Plastics. The European Union has set the goal of using an average of at least 30% of recycled plastics in products and packaging by 2025; and the United Kingdom, Spain and Italy have imposed a "plastic tax" on plastic packaging. What are the impacts and opportunities of international plastic regulations on the development of our industry?

Issue 3: As the EPD promotes the use of recycled plastics in the industry, hoping that the proportion of recycled plastics in packaging will reach 25% by 2025 and 30% by 2030, what are the challenges faced by the industry in promoting the use of recycled plastics (e.g. in terms of technological research and development, or in terms of production costs)?

Issue 4: In order to expand waste recycling, the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) intends to introduce a new "Resource Recycling Promotion Fee" under the "Resource Recycling Promotion Act" to provide incentives for recycling and technology research and development, as well as to encourage reduction of waste at source through green design. What are your views on the "Resource Recycling Promotion Fee" policy?